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Divorce Financial Planning in Ontario

Helping You Make Smart Legal and Financial Choices

Many people begin this process with a lawyer, who is primarily focused on one settlement process, which may not be your best option.

Ontario Divorce

Finances First Divorce is experienced in divorce financial planning in Ontario. We can help you make the best decisions on your legal and financial choices when going through a separation or divorce.

Welcome to Finances First Divorce

Divorce Financial Planning in Ontario

Financial Planning for Divorce in Ontario

Consulting a Financial Professional is Your Best First Step

Divorce Financial Planning

  • Initial consultation and advice on moving forward

  • Document and explain your financial disclosure

  • Develop and evaluate your settlement options

  • Create long-term projections of your settlement

What You Can Expect


We begin with a 30-minute complimentary consultation to ensure that we are the right choice for your needs.


Then, we meet with both parties (if possible) to understand your situation. We prepare your financial disclosure and discuss your options.


We assist you in finding the right legal representation. We work closely with you and your lawyer to develop and evaluate potential settlement options. We incorporate your options into a longer-term financial plan.

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Divorce Financial Planning

Helping You Understand Your Legal and Financial Choices

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